Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today at Costco

In line at Costco today, there were two women in front of me. Both of them were very large. I noticed they had in their cart supplements along with cookies and candy (I assume they have a business). The supplements were Omega 3 fish oil, CoQ10, and an energy boosting supplement. Being a nutrition and health coach as well as a provider for a great neutraceutical company, I wondered what the quality of their supplements were, considering my representative always uses Costco brand supplements as an example of what not to buy. I also thought, how did they know to get these particular supplements? As they finished checking out, one said to the other, "Want to get a hot dog?"

These are the moments I wish I could gently put my arm around their shoulders and tell them, "It doesn't have to be this way! Don't you get it? The supplements you buy make me think you must have read something, been told something about ways to improve your health. But, didn't you also read about how poor food choices got you there to begin with? Don't buy that hot dog. Please. Go to the supermarket over there, pick up a bunch of greens and let me help you find true health that doesn't come in a supplement bottle."

Of course, I remained silent, as I have thousands of times before. I took a deep breath and thought, it's OK. People are learning. It's happening. Baby steps. I'm here when they need me.

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  1. I totally understand the feeling of wanted to yell from the mountain tops about how food can heal. I just have to remember that everyone one is where they need to be, including myself. Great posts Deb!